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What is a HDD?🤔


Hard drives , also known as HDDs , are a computer component used to permanently store your data . In other words, data is not erased when the unit is turned off like data stored in RAM is. In such a way that this data is always saved on the HDD device (hard disk). It is called HDD because it comes from the English Hard Disk Drive . The speed in revolutions per minute of these HDD is usually from 5400rpm to 7200rpm and its writing and reading speed varies between 100mbps/170mbps .

Therefore, a 7200rpm HDD will be able to read and write faster than a 5400rpm one.

What is an SSD?🤔

Electric SSD

An SDD ( Solid State Drive ) is a new generation of storage devices used in computers . SSDs replace traditional mechanical hard drives with significantly faster flash - based memory . Its average life exceeds that of HDD and is around 5-10 years . So SSDs have a higher price . Its speed can range from 120mbps (sata 3) to 7000mbps (M.2).

Difference between HDD and SSD😁

HDDs are cheaper and you can get more storage space. But SSDs are faster , lighter , more durable , and use less power . Depending on the customer it will be determined whether to use a HDD or SSD. The Solid State Drive (SSD) are those that instead of using a magnetic disk and a needle use what is called flash memory . It has a writing and reading speed of between 50mbps-250mbps (counting the cheapest in the range) also including NVME disks.

As main difference we find the faster speed of the ssd , flash disk, and its shock resistance . In addition, the ssd is suitable for occupying operating systems, games, frequently used files... While the hdd are slower , less resistant, have a cheaper price and are suitable for additional data such as movies, photos, video, etc. documents...

Which one should I buy?

Depending on the use you give to your storage will depend on which one you need. If you need speed, security, frequent use of data, operating system, opening video games... we recommend using an SSD , below we show you the best Quality/Price ratio.

Otherwise , if you only need a disk to store a large amount of information, photos, videos... regardless of the opening speed , an HDD will be the key and indispensable piece of your computer, below we show you the best on the market .

Best HDDs

HDDs were outdated for certain jobs a long time ago, but here we show you the best ones.

Seagate Barracuda

Seagate Barracuda 1tb Amazon Eleco

The mythical Seagate Barracuda , the one that everyone has seen or used, a powerful hdd (within the maximum speed they provide), solid and durable . If you need to save a lot of storage, the most recommended is this type of device, yes, make a backup just in case .

  • Write speed: Up to 210mbps
  • Read speed: Up to 210mbps

WD Blue

WD Blue Amazon Electric

The direct competitor of the Barracuda HDD, the Western Digital , a HDD with high data transfer speed (750MBPs) . As we have mentioned before, because they have disk rotation and this can fail, we recommend making Backups .

Best SSDs

Currently the most used type of storage is the SSD due to its properties and its not so high price.

KINGSTON A400 SSD Kingston 480gb Amazon Eleco

Probably one of the best selling SSDs in the world. Its great speed , chassis made of aluminum, lightness and low price (-50€) ; they make this one of the best SSDs on the market in practice and that explains why it is TOP Sales since its launch.

  • Write speed: Up to 450mbps
  • Read speed: Up to 500mbps

Crucial BX500

Crucial 480gb Amazon Eleco

Below we find one of the direct competitors of the Kingston A400 ; the Crucial BX500 is priced higher than the Kingston A400 however the Crucial BX500 boasts faster read and write speeds . This internal hard drive ranks as the 3rd best seller on Amazon at the time of writing this article.

  • Write speed: Up to 500mbps
  • Read speed: Up to 540mbps

Kioxia Exceria

Kioxia Exceria 480gb Amazon Eleco

An SSD launched in mid-2020 by the Kioxia brand, it has a metal case with a nice design (personally). Leaving aside the subjective, we can see how this SSD cannot go unnoticed since it has unbeatable speeds for the price at which it is sold (-50€).

  • Write speed: Up to 6000mbps
  • Read speed: Up to 555mbps

Now, let's go with the "chicha", the smallest and most powerful ssd that you can imagine , they can be more than 10 times more powerful than these (Sata 3). Some have already been able to deduce it, we are going to talk about NVME SSDs , a range of SSDs that appeared relatively recently and have fit ideally in the most demanding computers.


Lexar NM620

Lexar NM620 512gb M.2 Amazon Eleco

We start with power but at a very low price , we are talking about this Lexar which has the same price as any conventional SSD but has x5 speed compared to other SSDs . As a "negative" point we can add that it does not have a dissipation casing . The best thing about this SSD is that it has a price that does not exceed 50 and the following speeds:

  • Write speed: Up to 2400mbps
  • Read speed: Up to 3300mbps

Western Digital Blue SN570

Western Digital Blue SN570 Amazon Eleco

Another powerful SSD at a low price , -50€ , also does not have a dissipation casing and has read and write speeds worthy of another planet.

  • Write speed: Up to 2300mbps
  • Read speed: Up to 3500mbps

Samsung SSD 980 PRO

Samsung SSD 980 PRO Amazon Eleco

Now we go with the jewel in the crown , in my opinion the best NVME SSD both for speed and warranty (5 years) . This is a PCIe 4.0 SSD (2x faster than PCIe 3.0 SSD and 12.7x faster than SATA SSD) . It is the NVME that I personally use and it is a real beast , you have Windows functional in less than 8s after pressing the button and it loads games, applications... instantly.

  • Write speed: Up to 7000mbps
  • Read speed: Up to 7000mbps
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