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What rule do I need?

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Over the years we have been needing more plugs to connect all the devices we have at home which are connected to the electrical network. This is where the use of rules increases. A power strip , or also called a multiple base , is a tool that is used to connect various electronic devices , they are usually accompanied by a button (although this does not have to be). Thanks to the power strip you can connect and disconnect your technological devices . This can be very useful to disconnect your work area or video games and thus be able to avoid phantom consumption.

Depending on the work that we are going to carry out, we will need one type of strip or another . For example, if we are in an office we will need a power strip that has numerous plug and USB (optional) inputs . However , if we are going to give it a domestic use such as for the computer, monitor, printer... we will need one that has 2-6 ports . Next we leave you the best multiple bases according to the use that you are going to give them . All the strips that we will mention will have an interior use and NOT an exterior use.





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