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In this article we will see all the possible questions that can arise when we talk about chargers . We will especially talk about mobile chargers ; all mentioned chargers will be compatible with IPhone and Android .

Common questions

  • What is a charger?

A charger is a device used to supply an electrical current , in the opposite direction to that of the discharge current, to a battery or rechargeable cell so that it recovers its energy charge . In other words ; A charger is a device that is responsible for supplying energy to a battery or rechargeable battery .

  • When were the first chargers invented?

Inventor Wen-Chin Yang designed and patented the first mobile phone charger in the year 2000 .
  • What are chargers for?

A battery charger (or simply charger ) is a device used to supply an electrical current , in the opposite direction to that of the discharge current, to a battery or rechargeable cell for it to recover its energy charge .

A charger​ generally refers to a device that converts alternating current into low-voltage direct current (not exceeding 25V). Chargers have become a new accessory in human life since we use them in mobile phones, cameras... The charger is a static device that uses power electronic semiconductors to convert alternating current into direct current.

  • Who invented chargers?

The first inventor of cell phone chargers was Wen-Chin Yang. Wen-Chin designed and patented the first mobile phone charger in the early 21st century ( 2000 ). The device had a USB interface , a DC converter and a plug to charge the mobile phone battery that could be plugged into the computer to obtain electrical power directly from the computer.

  • What types of plugs are there in the world?

No matter where you are, Eleco chargers are compatible anywhere in the world thanks to their voltage . If you live outside the EU or your country does not have the same plugs as in the EU, you will need to buy an adapter for the charger . Next we leave you a universal travel adapter compatible in the EU, United Kingdom, America... (click on image)
Universal Adapter Compatible-Eleco
  • How to know the watts (W) of my charger?

To find out how many watts ( W ) the charger for your laptop, mobile, camera... what you always have to do is multiply the Voltage (V) * Amperage (A). In this way it will give you the result in W , let's see an example to make it clearer. Looking at the charger of your mobile you find that it has the following specifications: 9V at 2.77A . We multiply 9*2.77 and it gives us an approximate figure of 25. Therefore, your mobile charger has a charging speed of approximately 25W .

  • What are amps (A)?

Amps are the capacity of the battery . These measure the intensity of an electrical current . The amps are used to tell us the amount of energy that has moved between one point and another during a space of time . Thanks to the amps we can know how much time your device has left before the battery runs out completely.

  • What are volts (V)?

Volts are the voltage of a battery . When electrons move between two points through a conductive material (such as a wire), they generate electric current . Volts measure the power that a circuit can provide you. Volts are named after Alessandro Volta (creator of the battery)

  • What voltage does your country use?

Taking a quick look, we can see that most of the world uses 220-240 V ( 50 or 60 Hz ) and that only a minority of countries use the electrical system that works at 100-127 volts . You can visit the list here.

Data of interest

  • What energy consumption has a connected charger? (phantom consumption, standby)

Phantom consumption, standby or vampire consumption is the energy expenditure of any device connected to the network which is not being used.

The average cost of a charger plugged into the electricity grid (without a mobile phone connected) is 0.0002 kilowatt hours (kWh) . Assuming that a charger is connected to the electricity grid 24 hours a day, the daily cost will be 0.0048 kWh and the annual cost 1.752 kWh.

Therefore, if we convert kWh to money. A charger connected 24 hours a day will spend €0.000493/day. The annual cost of a standby charger will be 0.18 euros per year. It may not seem like much, but to these €0.18 we must add the consumption of the rest of the phantom energy costs.

  1. How to avoid phantom consumption (standby)?

Since we have numerous devices constantly connected to the network and they are not always in use; We can make a series of habits to try to eliminate this consumption . These habits are not recommended for refrigerators but for computers, routers, printers, televisions...
  • Timers

    Has it ever happened to you that you fell asleep with the computer on? It has happened to us, therefore we recommend the use of timers. This device will automatically turn off when you tell it to . For example, if you fall asleep with your computer, monitor, television... on, setting a timer so that it turns off at a certain time of night will save you a lot of energy. Always remember to save your computer data before it shuts down!

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  • power strips

A power strip is a multiple base that is used to connect various electronic devices , they are usually accompanied by a button. Thanks to the power strip you can connect and disconnect your technological devices . This can be very useful to disconnect your work area or video games and thus be able to avoid phantom consumption.

    smart power strips

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    regular power strip

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    • unplug .
    As a last alternative and not less important. We suggest unplugging those devices that consume the most energy (refrigerator, computer...) if we are going to spend some time away from home. In summary, for the phantom consumption to disappear we have to disconnect those devices from the network that we are not using.
    • Is fast charging harmful to the battery?

    Fast charging is the recharging of the battery in a shorter time than normal . It used to be said that fast charging did not harm the life of your battery, but according to recent studies , it has been seen that it does. Fast charging affects the life of your battery as it overheats and has to work at high speeds.

    • How much minimum guarantee do the chargers have?

    The seller is required by law to offer a minimum guarantee for a period of three years in the sector of technological products . Therefore, devices such as graphics cards, game consoles, monitors, keyboards, mice, cables, chargers... have a minimum guarantee of 3 years if their manufacturing date was after January 1, 2022 .


    In this section we will see the best chargers of the different brands that manufacture them. Click on the image to see more.

    • eleco

    • Manzana

    Charger type C IPhone 13 Eleco

    • huawei

    Huawei 40W electric charger

    • Samsung

    Charger 25W Samsung Eleco

    • Xiaomi

    Charger 33w Xiaomi Eleco

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