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Below we leave you a list of the best valued power strips and that we have found best for use at home. We have chosen these power strips because they have many plugs, voltage, they are smart, they have USB ports...

Smart power strip, 4 plugs, 4 USB ports

As the first option, and the most technological that we have found, we see this majestic strip. This power strip has WIFI; You can control it by Google, Alexa, voice control... It has 4 European plugs and 4 USB ports controlled from the smartphone; with a maximum power of 4000W/16A. It also has a timer function that turns your devices off and on according to your daily routine. Thanks to the easy installation and the intelligence of this power strip, it makes it one of the best on the market.

complete smart power strip amazon, eleco

Power strip 6 sockets with 6 illuminated switches

On this occasion we are faced with a "normal" power strip that has 6 European switches with a maximum power of 3500W. The "strange" thing about this power strip, apart from its long 3m cable, is that it has an LED switch for each socket. So you can power just 2, 3, 4 or all outlets. This is an ideal power strip for ghost savings. As "inconvenient" is that you will have to turn it on/off manually. Includes protection against accidental contact (A few small plastic plates close the contacts of the power outlet)

strip 6 sockets amazon, eleco

Economical and powerful smart power strip

Here we can see a smart power strip (controlled by Wi-Fi) that has 3 switches and 3 USB ports. It delivers a power of up to 3680W. Thanks to this device, you can control it by voice or from the phone. It has a timer and energy monitoring. On the other hand, you will not have to worry about the safety of your devices thanks to its protection against overload and surges. Made of a fireproof material (ABS) provides safety for the consumer and their devices.