Best power strips for office | eleco⚡️

Below we leave you a list of the best valued power strips and that we have found best for use in offices, regardless of its size. We have chosen these power strips because they have a large number of plugs, voltage, overload protection...

12 sockets + 5 USB

As a first option we find this power strip which has 12 plugs and 5USB with a maximum power of 2500W/10A. It has European plugs, it is made of ABS (fire retardant material). In case of overload, the multiple base cuts the current for all the devices, in this way they will not suffer any damage.

amazon office power strip, eleco

10 sockets + 2 USB 3.0 and USB C (30W)

This power strip has up to 10 plugs + 2 usb 3.0 (2.4A) + 1 30w usb type c. It has a maximum power of 2500W/10A. It has a removable and stackable design which makes it more comfortable and not so big. In addition, it has a 2m long cable so that it can be connected over a long distance. Like the previous one, it has overload protection and, in the event of an overload, it cuts the current so as not to damage the devices connected to it.

strip 2 pieces amazon

Power strip 10 sockets

In this case we are faced with a more basic and, therefore, cheaper power strip. This power strip has 10 sockets with protection against accidental contact ( Small plastic plates close the contacts of the socket) . Thanks to its extra long 3m cable you can connect it even if the plug is a long distance away. Power strip for indoor use with a led switch that lights up.

strip 10 sockets amazon, eleco