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5 in 1 keyboard cleaning brush | Eleco⚡️

5 in 1 keyboard cleaning brush | Eleco⚡️

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With our brush you can clean all kinds of devices, such as: computer, headphones, PlayStation, keyboard, mouse, mobile charger...

It has 5 different accessories for cleaning different devices. It has a brush for cleaning keyboards, for example, it has a tool to remove the keys from the keyboard, it has a headphone box cleaning accessory, it also has 2 utensils to clean the headphones completely, simply and quickly.

Thanks to its small size you can clean the smallest areas with greater precision and more concisely.

Being made of double-layer plastic with a glossy finish, we guarantee safety against falls or forcing the product and also against fingerprints.

Fear not for your keyboard, this cleaner will not damage it as it has soft bristles. We recommend cleaning the keyboard and mouse with the computer on

Thanks to its top quality bristles, dust does not remain embedded in them, therefore you do not need to clean the brush with each pass.

What can I clean?
With our brush you can clean all kinds of devices, such as: computer, headphones, PlayStation, keyboard, mouse, mobile charger...

What advantages does it have?
It has 5 accessories in 1, so you can perform 5 different tasks with this tool. Being so small it can be stored on the desktop. You can also reach larger or smaller areas without any problem.

Is it better than compressed air?
Yes, since this product does not wear out constantly, you can also clean a greater variety of devices. All this accompanied by its tiny size that guarantees us to store it anywhere and that it is not harmful to the environment, make this product the best for this sector.



ABS and Nylon

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